Gain the proper brand foundation, focus, and clarity through this simplified, self-guided, brand strategy course.

This course has already been tested and proven to work for the long term. I use these exact steps and processes when developing brand strategies for my 1-1 Branding Clients.

It’s my unique approach and deeper diving questions that provide my clients with the foundational tools they need, to scale and grow their businesses.

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Welcome to THE simplified Brand Strategy Breakdown Course

Hello There! I am Maria Platusic, owner and creative director behind PLATUSIC DESIGN CREATIVE STUDIO. I am an award winning branding designer, brand strategist, and WordPress magic maker. I have been at this game for over 20 years. First working at corporate agencies helping fortune 500 businesses to now helping small business owners and high achieving entrepreneurs scale and grow their brands and businesses. Via brand strategy and branding design to effectively achieve their big picture goals.

I’m super excited to launch this course! It’s been many years coming, 20 plus years in strategy and design to back it up.

I’ve always wanted to offer something that can work for small business owners no matter where they are at in business to help them solidify there brand strategy and overall brand.

What an effective BRAND STRATEGY will grant you…

👉 You will define your Core Brand Values

👉 You will establish your Mission & Vision Statements

👉 You will set your Future Goals – Where do you aspire to be

👉 You will discover Your Target Audience

👉 You will refine your main Brand Messaging + Positioning

👉 You will learn where you stand amongst your competition

👉 Lastly you will claim Expert Status – Owing your expertise and remaining confident in the eyes of your audience

ALL OF THESE PIECES are essential in building a proper Brand Foundation.

You now will be able to gain CLARITY and FOCUS on everything moving forward for your business. From social media posts, to email campaigns, to all content creation, plus sales calls too. Better confidence and clarity = better sales calls which in turn = more sales and closing. $$$

All will fall into place cohesively.