Where we will select the PERFECT NICHE once and for all.
One that can serve you, and your business all while creating focus, long term!
One that feels truly aligned with your future goals, without feeling that you are missing out.

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Finding a niche is crucial for small business owners who want to create a steady revenue stream, establish a loyal audience and create a more focused business.

The SUMMER of NICHING DOWN LIVE EVENT – July 26th, 12pm est

Hello There! I am Maria Platusic, owner and creative director behind PLATUSIC DESIGN CREATIVE STUDIO. I am an award winning branding designer, brand strategist, and website magic maker. I have been at this game for over 20 years. First working at corporate agencies helping fortune 500 businesses to now helping small business owners and high achieving entrepreneurs scale and grow their brands and businesses. Via brand strategy and branding design to effectively achieve their big picture goals.

I’m super excited to host this WORKSHOP and LIVE EVENT!

I’ve always been passionate about the topic of NICHING, as I know from past clients and past experiences what a challenge it can be to do so.

This event is for the business owner that:

  • Struggles to create FOCUS in their business
  • Has a hard time attracting the right fit clients
  • Isn’t sure what message to share on repeat to that same audience
  • And wants to once and for all create a business model that feels aligned with their future goals

You will walk away with clarity and a plan to put in place for your NICHE. Losing all the drama too!


This will be a FREE interactive WORKSHOP created for small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to become specialized and gain clarity once and for all.

We all have a variety of skills and talents to share. We are multi-faceted entrepreneurs that find it hard to narrow down to one singular focus.

It can feel understandably frustrating, but also know that it is still possible to hone in on your zone of genius and bring that to the forefront for all to see.

There are multiple ways to niche down besides target audience, industry and location. And we will break down alternative ways to niche down together.



The SUMMER of NICHING DOWN LIVE EVENT – July 26th, 12pm est

(1.5 hr WORKSHOP)

⭐ We will start with the basics as to why niching down is important and what it really means to you as a business owner.

⭐ We will cover the many ways to NICHE down that aren’t industry or target audience specific.

⭐ We will uncover why being HYPER-NICHED (too narrow) can be a hinderance as well.

⭐ Lastly, we will disclose the most common niching drama that most business owners experience, and how to overcome this as you move forward.

⭐ There will be worksheets for you to fill in at the LIVE EVENT

⭐ Along with a Q&A session near the end to answer your specific questions and concerns when it comes to niching down.

Let’s make this the SUMMER OF NICHING DOWN so we can take action with all the other moving parts of our business, and moving forward towards our goals as opposed to staying stuck in tweaking purgatory.

I can’t wait to guide you to the right choice, the place where you can show off your unique talents, and charge your full worth.


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